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Ôdabaïa makes you discover its selection of summer looks, these beach outfits that will bring you beauty & originality on the edge of palm trees. From the bohemian to the surfer outfit, you will find the look that matches your personality!

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What could be better than a dress for the seaside? Do you go to coasts of colorful villages? Opt for the charm of the warm summer colors of the Mediterranean brand Sundress. Have you rather succumbed to wilder northern landscapes? This flowery black Wild dress will meet your desire for nature without artifice. If a seaside resort such as French Riviera is waiting for you, pick that classic dress from Corsica, that is really chic and with a pure color.

Favorite set 🧡

Oranged 🍊

A natural summer straw hat and a long orange dress… A lovely set.

& Floral 🌻

Add a hand woven bag adorned with rebellious flowers 🌻 : we can perfectly see ourselves stopping at the market on our way to the golden beaches  🍊

Bohemian look 🕊

We are in love with this set: an aerial white dress adorned with pompoms and lace which highlights the waist & a large straw hat…

Favorite set ღ

& Natural look 🐚

Adorn yourself with cream-colored Hipanema shell jewelry: a Mediterranean look that could not be more bohemian

A short or mid-length dress is just as comfortable & refined, and will reveal your beautiful tanned legs. The Celosie hippie dress particularly seduces us with its beautiful floral hippie embroidery … But we can also see ourselves dawdling on the sand in this golden crochet dress. Accessorized with a small hand-woven bag or Hipanema jewelry, this is a completely ethno-chic look that will accompany you.


Around the neck 🌺

What would a beach outfit be without the famous pareo? You will however be surprised at all the ways it can be worn & the different styles it can give…

Tanzanian Style 🐘

We love the charm of a pareo tied at the back of the neck. Choose this pareo coming straight from Tanzania, or this pareo illustrating the wonderful Garden of Eden.

Aztec Style 🏝

Colorful shades of turquoise and purple, which will perfectly blend with Hipanema jewelry. Pearl bracelet or turquoise ring bearing the image of a golden eagle, or how to impose your style in an imperial way

Or glamor ? 💋

Or opt for a more classic model with a diabolically glamorous deep red, with which we will lie sensually on our little matching beach towel.

Around the waist 🧜‍♀️

Wild 🐊

Knotted on our hips, the effect is different but just as mesmerizing. Look like to be coming from a Brazilian beach with a pareo of colors unique to the Amazon rainforest. In winter, this pareo will serve perfectly as an elegant scarf.



✹ We like to wrap ourselves in a kimono when the sun starts to fall but we still want to enjoy the end of the day. It will protect you from the fresh wind while providing you with a distinguished look.

This Pain de Sucre kimono will certainly sublimate you. ✹

& practical

Chilly? The Sundress kimono will even allow you to take a boat trip without flinching. ✓

With Hipanema...

Ôdabaïa loves these hand-embroidered kimonos adorned with fringe & sequins. Combined with multi-row medals & Hipanema bracelets on your forearms, the charm will operate!

Like a Geisha

Kimonos were once worn by geishas. Compete with their aura by adding a bohemian touch through a Hipanema jewel.


To put on above our swimsuit still a little moistened by the blue waters. Long, short, neutral or flowery … It’s your bikini that chooses!

We particularly like that of Banana Moon, for a vintage, exotic Hawaiian & chill style at the same time. 🌺🌴🦀

Pants & shorts, no less refined & with comfort at the end. From bright red to the classic black that we can wear more, we promise you a distinguished look of great beauty.


🌈 For a surfer style! From rainbow hippie t-shirts to Banana Moon crop top, it’s definitively a Californian style. 🏄‍♀️

🌈  With colorful bracelets & necklaces, your pep & cool summer look will be complete! 🌞


This year, you will bask in the beach dressed in seashells. Choose the bikinis that are adorned with it: the asymmetric Wild bikini, available in khaki, terracota & navy and or the deep black bikini by Banana Moon.

Then combine Hipanema jewelry: rings & earrings, or bracelets & necklaces, we don’t even count the possibilities you have!


A sparkling & flowery collection straight from the legendary Brazilian beaches



🌸 From one-piece swimsuits to bandeau, you will radiate in this bright pink color. So when you know that you can lie on your towel with your beach bag that has the same vitamin pattern, you know that it is the assured raised eyebrow lift.🌸

Our most beautiful beach outfits have been revealed to you. But that’s not to mention that we still have much more… In any case do not forget that the accessories will be your allies to shine this summer!

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