Bikini trends 2020!



As summer is coming, we dream of exoticism, turquoise waters and strolls by the sea. In 2020, our desire to escape seems to be limited to our borders but don’t panic…


Let’s weigh the anchor with Ôdabaïa ⚓, which takes you to the most beautiful beaches in the world through its selection of luxury swimwear. Let’s count on our french taste : we decrypted for you the essential trends that will sublimate your femininity all summer wherever you are! Enough to get a tide of compliments during your next sunny break. 🌞


This year, more than ever, we are having fun and daring to assert our personality. Bohemia, vintage or wild… As you can see, all styles are allowed.


Find the right swimming costume for you, leave no stone unturned. 🐚





1. The one-piece bathing suit


This summer, we are mixing beach, haute couture & retro look. The one-piece bathing suit is back in time; it stands for elegance and refinement. This year it will be the centerpiece of your wardrobe. We succumb to its chic vintage look & its flattering cut which sublimate all the silhouettes. From sober and classic dark shades to vitamin colors, each woman will find her own treasure on Ôdabaïa.



2. The high-waisted bikini


We’re back in time with the iconic high-waisted bikini. Compete with the bewitching allure of  Marylin Monroe strolling elegantly by the water. Your curves will be magnified: camouflaged belly, refined waist, elongated silhouette, even for the most luscious body types. You are free to accentuate the retro pin-up side with a gingham or polka dot pattern, or to adopt more contemporary colors. In any case, we promise a tasty blend of vintage & glamor.




3. Tanga or thong


Coming straight from the sumptuous beaches of Brazil, these trends aspire that women fully assume their femininity. Let’s specify it is for everyone. It is worn in a classic version or decorated with frills: enough to count on the wind to reveal herself without doing too much!


Ôdabaïa loves when women dare and claim!



4. The balconette bikini


We keep being chic even when lying in the shade of palm trees. Flattering & sophisticated, that is its promise. The balconette bikini is sure to enhance the feminine breast, the small just as the generous ones. Perfect harmony is achieved with high-waisted or ultra-low-cut bikinis. Or the extreme refinement with this grey bikini top ornamented with a delicate jewel from the sulfurous French brand Pain de Sucre.



5. The trikini


The most audacious will dare the trikini: half-bikini, half one-piece. It’s about various and infinite cuts, which give a one-piece look from the front but a bikini one from the back. Enough to reveal just the right amount of skin… Discover in particular this feminine pink cut-out model that reveals the hips & makes you want to conquer the beaches of Australia where the Seafolly brand was born.



6. The asymmetrical bikini


We still play with the destructured effects with a bare shoulder. Become a real head-turner beside the pool by adopting these shapes that could not be more original. On the bikini as on the one-piece, the single strap will make you feel beautiful & exceptional.






7. Sweet pastel colors


A wave of pastel colors has slowly but surely taken hold of the fashion world. Lilac, sky blue, dragée pink or vanilla yellow, these delicate & citrus colors will be the big trend this season. The summer of 2020 will therefore be available in a soft chromatic palette. For a tender & refreshing look at the same time!



8. To the warm teints of nature


This summer, we put on warm and colorful shades that recall the beauty of nature. Caramel, brick, rust, turmeric, terracotta, chocolate, siena shades… This summer, you will be in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

Anyways the important criteria is that the color brings radiance to your own complexion and illuminates your beauty. Didn’t Coco Chanel herself say that ❝ the most beautiful color is the one that suits us? ❞






9. For a wild look


Leopard, tabby, zebra print … The trend of the animal motif returns all the more for a ferocious look. It is available in the warm colors specific to the savannah, but also in fresh summer tones. This summer don’t be afraid to reveal your bestial side by revealing your long gazelle legs. There will be some for the wildest among you!



10. For a floral & tropical look ❀


It is on your swimsuits that tropical flora and fauna will be cultivated this summer! Just to get the impression to be disembarking from a Hawaiian beach. Floral prints give off an exotic aura, but not only: opt for a bohemian rock or retro look if you wish. Maxi flower or minimalist ones, bright or dark shades, you will find on Ôdabaïa the flower that suits you. Freshness & femininity guaranteed. ✿❀✿




11. For a geometric look


Another motif that deserves its place in our suitcase. Worn in the right way, the stripes will do wonders: they lengthen the silhouette and flatter the waist. Ideal for sculpting an irresistible silhouette. It’s up to you to choose its style: modern or marine, like this delightful piece from the Seafolly brand, which makes you want to smell the Australian salty breeze.





12. Laces


Tie yourself in laces that will prove to be the ultimate detail. In the back, knotted on the hips, abundant or discreet, the choice remains yours. A trend that is reminiscent of the lace corsets of the last century. For a refined & dressed spicy effect, and all this in sensuality, even on golden beaches.





13. Flounces


At the seaside or in the swimming pool, the frills will offer you a timeless & sensual glamor. A devilishly effective fifties wink. Keep in mind that the flounces catch the eye and give volume… So, enhance your silhouette however you wish; you are free to choose your frills at the shoulders, neckline, or on your hips.




14. Shells


An exotic ornament that does not leave indifferent. The shellfish effect is perfect for a refined bohemian chic look. On an abandoned beach, hands plunged in golden sand, hair curled by salt water, combined with an ornamented swimsuit: enough to blend in with the seaside decor. 




15. Rings


The metal rings, characteristic of the early 2000s, are making a comeback. Affirmed details, they guarantee a chic look to those who will be adorned with them. As Ôdabaïa inspires a hymn to travel by the selection of the most beautiful creations in the world, let’s discover this piece by the Corsican brand Calarena, whose rich ornaments match the legendary opulence of the beautiful Italian island of Capri.






16. The crochet, for a bohemian look


The crochet seems to be on the rise this season. Its delicate material allows the addition of subtle details. Atypical & authentic, we wear it in a colored or neutral version to illuminate our tanned complexion. We also wear it on flying frills that move with us and adopt every move. We continue on the bohemian chic & tribal ethnic wave.




17. The smocked & pleated, for a romantic look


Both wise and feminine, the smock, reminiscent of the little dresses of our childhood, will be the preferred model of small breasts that take on self-confidence. The pleated effects, common on the bandeau bikinis, add a romantic touch. The Calarena brand mixes gathered effects and high-waisted bikini, for even more refinement.



18. The eco-responsable bikini


Finally, a trend that is essential this year and which will have to be perpetuated in the long term is that of the eco-responsible swimsuit. At Ôdabaïa, we are committed to offering you highly elegant, but also virtuous swimwear. So you can find on our site collections made of recycled materials by brands such as Seafolly or Wild. For swimsuits combining beauty, quality & responsibility ☻





19. Bikini & accessories sets


Have the little plus. Be the one whose swimsuits harmonize in beauty with her accessories. Pareos, kimonos, hats, or handmade beach bags & ethnic Hipanema jewelry, whatever you want. The universe of Odabaïa wants to be complete so that you can really shine this summer. Satisfaction is an exquisite feeling, it is our desire that you feel it.



You are now informed of the fashionable swimsuits in 2020. You will undoubtedly find your rare pearl in our whirlwind of treasures from all over the world, inspired by the tastes of the times. However, Ôdabaïa is a state of mind that everything is possible and nothing is forbidden. Our selection is deliberately diverse in order to reflect the woman you are: a woman with many facets and varied desires.


With Ôdabaïa, be free to search for something that will resemble and differentiate you at the same time.



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