Swimsuit Morphology

In all women lies a unique and exceptional potential from which the essence of our brand is inspired. The standard woman does not exist, simply because we are all unique and therefore we have all body shape of our own.

Ôdabaïa gives you tips to help you choose the swimsuit that will enhance your body and reveal your natural beauty. To do this, you just have to find, among the 6 standard silhouettes, the one that comes closest to yours.



Your shoulders are narrow, your bust thin, your waist marked but the shapes of your hips and buttocks are rather generous.

Our advice? Attract the look on your chest and refine your legs.

In which way?

  • At the top, opt for a push-up, or a padded bandeau, or even the triangles with reinforcements, balconies, etc. Dare the fringes and frills but also the shoulder straps that give more volume to your shoulders.
  • Below, refine your legs with indented shapes (contrary to the general opinion, covering the forms does not make them disappear).

Say NO to the high-waisted bottom or shorty pants, and avoid knots on the sides, the ruffles and the horizontal lines.


The suggestions of Ôdabaïa

Bikini Top, PAIN DE SUCRE – Donia

Bikini Botton, BOND EYE – The Scene


Your shoulders are wide while your buttocks and hips are rather discreet.

Our advice? Draw attention to your legs and minimize the build of your shoulders.

In which way?

  • At the top, dare the deep necklines or the small triangles with the thin straps.
  • Below, the low waist pants and the Shorty are perfect allies.

SAY YES to the ruffles, frou-frou, laces, knots of all kinds and horizontal stripes.

SAY NO to the vest shape with straight shoulder straps, strapless tops, square neckline but also to the too classic panties, with minimal coverage and detail features free.


The suggestions of Ôdabaïa

Bikini Top, BANANA MOON – Yero

Bikini Bottom, BANANA MOON – Avora 


Your shoulders and hips are approximately the same width and your size is not very marked.

Our advice? Redraw your curves and refine your waist.

In which way?

  • At the top, choose a push-up, a d-cup bralette or padded triangles attached in the neck.
  • For the bottom, go for the retro high-waisted panty or the ruffles.

SAY YES to the swimsuit one piece with straps.

Say NO to the square neckline, the bralette shape and the horizontal stripes.


The suggestions of Ôdabaïa
Bikini bottom, SEAFOLLY – Petal Edge

Bikini top, CALARENA – Corcovado




Your shoulders and hips are about the same width and your waist is fine.

The excellent news is that you can wear all the swimsuits you want.

Just be aware that the shorty will accentuate your flat stomach and the minimal coverage panties will lengthen your legs.

The suggestions of Ôdabaïa
Bandeau bikini, BOND EYE – Sahara

Swimsuit 1 piece, WILD – Manon



8- Morphology

Your shoulders and hips are rounded and your waist is thin.

Our advice? Lengthen your legs and mark your assets.

In which way?

  • At the top, go for the triangles or balcony.
  • For the bottom, choose a really minimal coverage panties, with or without details features (knots, frou-frou, whatever!).

Say NO to the headband.


The suggestions of Ôdabaïa

Bikini bottom, PAIN DE SUCRE – Alala

Bikini top, CALARENA – Francesca

O- Morphology

Your shoulders are narrow and your hips not so large.

Our advice? Make your shoulder looking larger and lightly blur your hips.

In which way?

  • At the top, prefer the triangle to knot on the neck.
  • For the bottom, opt for a low-waisted panty or even the vintage style.

Say NO to the high-waisted bottom.


The suggestions of Ôdabaïa

Bikini set, WILD – Hero

Bikini top, SEAFOLLY – Slide tri


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