Brazil, a land of exception to discover in bikini


What if we tell you about salsa and bossa nova ? Do you see yourself dancing like the devil to the rhythm of south-american music on the beaches of Havana in Cuba or the ones in Rio, Brazil ? At Ôdabaïa we already visited the beaches of Rio and it was an absolute delight. Do you want to know more about it ?

Cap on Brazil, the largest country of Latin America ! Covered in majority by the Amazonian Forest, the country is rich with biodiversity and it offers a full catalog of mystical experiences. Land of compelling rhythms, we were bewitched by our discovery of Rio de Janeiro.

Our sweet advices


If you are thinking of travelling to Brazil, you are probably wondering what would be the best period to visit ? To go to Rio, April is ideal. The low season begins but the weather is still hot, it’s really enjoyable ! Brazil is really vast, if you wish to travel in another area, temperatures will be different, be sure to check it before buying your plane tickets. That would be a shame no to be able to wear your sexy bikini !

Brazil is a country with a rich culture, and where economical growth and poverty are living side by side in a joyful way of life. Of course, caution is recommended but don’t listen to prejudge, that country is wonderful ! 🙂

But back to our business… We know you, and you are curious about where you will be able to wear your pretty bathing suits ? The good news is we are experts on the most beautiful beaches of Rio and all the wonders there is to be explored …


Rio, the unavoidable !


What would be a trip to Rio without a stop to the Corcovado and the Redemptor Christ ? Imposing no matter the distance, his allure and his height of 38 meters turned him into a landmark that is not to be missed in Brazil ! Prefer a perfect weather to go and visit the Corcovado situated at 700 meters high and you will have an incredible view on Rio’s bay.

An another “must see” in Rio : Pao De Aczucar ! To reach the top of Pao De Aeucar (“Pain de Sucre” in French, and yes, that is the origin of the name from that sublime brand…) you will need to take a cable car in two for two steps. First step, from the mountain’s bottom in Praia Vermelha until Morro da Urca. Three minutes of cable car and you will be reaching 220 meters high and a magnificent view at 360° on the city. Second step, from Morro da Urca to the top of “Pain de Sucre”. Here you go, you can say WOW ! The view is amazing !

Next, direction a typical street of Rio : Santa Teresa. You can go there thanks to the “bôndji” which cross the ancient aqueduct of Lapa. Private hostels and colonial houses will welcome you into the boho area of Rio. Santa Teresa will invite you to the heart of Brazilian life and its magical rhythms ! In the same spirit, we recommend to visit the area of Lapa. Authentic, Lapa is the center of Rio’s nightlife. Beers and caipirinhas, improvised concerts, let yourself succumb to the rhythm of Samba.

And for the food ? You absolutely must try the specialty of the country : churrasco, Feijoada, acai berries… But we said enough already and we don’t want to spoil the surprise, for the gourmets, to discover by yourself all those foods 🙂


When Ôdabaïa meets Ipanema and Copacabana


Wearing our most beautiful bikini, we went to get a tan facing the vigorous waves of the most famous beach in Brazil : Ipanema ! Sand as far as the eyes can see will leave you breathless, the beach runs on 2,6 kilometers long, passed the trendiest streets of Rio. A sexy swimsuit is a must-have and it’s without complex that you will be able to try yourself to the art of seduction. For the Beach Volley addicts, you will also find happiness ! Tanga, string, push up… in Brazil, everything is allowed !

Mystical, we also walked on the golden sand of Copacabana. A wonderful place between urbanism and hot sand ! Stop your reading for two minutes and imagine yourself in Copacabana in a swimsuit Salinas, sipping on a coco water… A cocktail full of vitamins !




Treasures from Brasilia !


We also appreciate Brazil for all the inspiration it brings to swimsuits brands… Salinas brings us a fresh breeze coming directly from Brazil, so is HIPANEMA where its two creators met. Colorful bikinis which give you the desire to lay down on Copacabana’s beach…

Joy of life and good mood, salsa rhythm is captivating and we let ourselves carry by Brazilian lifestyle. Pure happiness !


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