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Ôdabaïa makes you discover a french jewel of the Mediterranean: Corsica. A rough diamond nestled between sea and mountains ; the island offers a breathtaking spectacle. Usually we find you the most sumptuous & luxurious swimwear from all over the world, today we present you other treasures, those of our splendid french island of beauty.


Corsica is full of spectacular places of interest, the choices were difficult but we have selected la crème de la crème… Between its 1000 km of sublime beaches, its mountains with breathtaking panoramas and its hilltop villages, we are breathless. By plane or by ferry, the Mediterranean island is waiting for you.


What if Corsica was heaven on Earth? Given its marvels, we tend to believe it… We are thirsty for escape, so head for the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. We close our eyes and imagine smelling the wind perfumed with umbrella pines, savoring the sensation of hot sun on our skin and hearing the sea rocking…. Let’s go, let’s escape! ✈☀


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Let’s start with the north of the country at the Cap Corse: further on, you will not go: some find this wild region a bit of Brittany. Sea and landforms overlap closely like nowhere on the island. We understand better why Corsica is nicknamed the “mountain in the sea” prized by hikers, and why it is the greenest island in the Mediterranean. We love the authenticity of Cap Corse, which is a country of wind, hamlets, small ports, wines and rough landscapes. You will have all the leisure to bathe, to walk in the dunes, with as charming company… Corsican cows which graze quietly.








Its beauty is stunning, dizzying. Nonza, a small and discreet village of Cap Corse, nestles in the heart of the mountain to which it seems to cling. Overlooked by its citadel, Nonza hosts picturesque little houses. Feet in a vacuum, breathless: it cannot be explained, it only can be experienced. Its beach is also exceptional: a vast black pebble beach… for an indescribable wild atmosphere.



It is a city with a harsh scent, proud, beautiful and capricious, frighteningly Corsican. City of Art and History, it plays with contrasts and eras. Bordered on one side by the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the other by the foothills of Cap Corse, it is an ancient citadel erected in the 14th century on a rocky promontory. This charming city has developed a lifestyle that combines conviviality, gastronomy and a sense of celebration. Take the time to get lost in the small streets of Terra Vecchia, its old town with colorful houses, discover its stepped seaside districts and end your stroll on the colorful old port.





The flagship point of the East Coast is located in the south, in Porto Vecchio. The “city of salt”, a name in memory of its salt marshes, has many strings to its bow. It is in this village that Ôdabaïa discovered the Corsican swimwear brand Calarena, which inspires us luxurious escapes. Its top-of-the-range models perfectly reflect the tempered character and the chic of Corsican posh spots.

We appreciate its old town and its authentic marina. But we will appreciate all the more that nearby are 3 of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. Palombaggia, Rondinara or Santa Giulia. Impossible to decide, the settings are in any case enchanting. Whether you choose the pink rocks or the perfect roundness, the magic will operate on you.

If you prefer swimming in the river, we strongly advise you to go to the Cavu valley with its emeraud waters, 35 minutes by car from Porto-Vecchio, which is not less idyllic…



It is undoubtedly the most touristic city in Corsica, but its reputation is deserved: it is quite simply one of the most spectacular ones. In the far south of Corsica, the beautiful Bonifacio looks like a postcard city. It is built on a narrow strip of land. On the one side a charming harbor, on the other: a set of white cliffs that drop steeply into the Mediterranean. We are breathless with its famous houses perched on the edge of white limestone cliffs. You will have to take the legendary staircase of the King of Aragon, carved in the Middle Ages on the very side of these cliffs, 60 meters high above the sea. The descent of the 187 steps is truly dizzying and impressive. The Bastion de l’Etendard will also offer you a magnificent panorama.

splendid beach is also nearby : the Little Sperone. From its warm sand, you may see the italian island Sardinia or the Lavezzi archipelago. 








To cool off again and again, we sail to the Lavezzi archipelago. A real danger to navigation in the past, it is now a little paradise. Classified as a nature reserve, the archipelago is made up of 3 islands accessible by boat only! We love its endless horizon, its clear waters, its rocky coves and its wild beaches. On the program: swimming, sun and idleness, with our beautiful Tresor Escape golden swimsuit for a lush afternoon. On this beach, it’s like heaven.






The west coast is undoubtedly the richest, although obviously every square meter of Corsica is worth contemplating. From North to South, we present our favorites.




Saint-Florent: This is the Saint Tropez of Corsica. It is one of the most famous Corsican seaside resorts: a charming fishing and marina, an equally charming old town. But also: paradisiac beaches which surround it, pure marvels: We imagine ourselves returning from our beach days to Saint Florent, exchanging our splendid White Storm swimsuit for an aerial dress in order to sit down at one of the many restaurants, a glass of regional red wine in hand…


An extraordinary landscape… Of course, like everywhere else on the island, the sea and the mountain are omnipresent, but here, like Cap Corse, everything has remained infinitely wild: only one hamlet is located in the Agriates region, everything else is just nature… A picturesque nature where the maquis is king. Along the winding paths and steep paths, the Desert of Agriates reveals an arid and authentic character: that of Corsican land, without artifice







Contrary to what it indicates, it’s not an island! It owes its name to the two red granite islands that face the city. Take a coffee, stroll through its alleys and above all, stop at the local market “Les Halles”. Just by the smell, you will be guided to the stalls where local specialties promise your taste buds a real moment of happiness. We will delight in Corsican cold meats, goat and sheep cheeses in the shade of a mulberry tree. We can perfectly see our market all dressed in a comfortable aerial bohemian Wild dress … For a swim, head to Bodri beach, a few minutes from downtown Ile Rousse.





Capital of the small region of Balagne, Calvi amazes with its superb citadel, from where sumptuous landscapes are revealed. It also claims to be legendary: it still claims to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Built on a hill outcrop, by the water, Calvi has an unforgettable appearance. A pleasure to stroll through the alleys of the old town, from authentic shops to small restaurants and then reach the citadel. In summer, the port swarms everywhere due to the numerous restaurants that have taken up residence there, and due to its marina which houses impressive luxurious yachts. A desire to be again connected to the nature ? Direction the Galeria cove, not far from here. 







The Gulf of Porto is definitely home to dazzling treasures of the Island of Beauty. There are in particular this kind of magnificent beaches… We already see ourselves wearing a beautiful swimwear, lengthening our towel and putting on sunscreen.. Idyllic settings with a sea of a thousand shades of blue. Ficajola Beach is an example among other splendors. Like the impression of being cut off from the rest of the world… But the Gulf has other wonders within it: Scandola, the creeks of Piana & Capo Rosso.



Scandola is something to see at least once in your life. It’s an extraordinary place, almost dreamlike. Embraced by a sea of powerful blue, caves and cliffs embrace in bloody red for an extraordinary camaieu. The Scandola reserve owes its inimitable appearance to cliffs of pink porphyry, which contrast with the blue of the sea and the green of the pine forests. Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, it is an extraordinarily preserved refuge from underwater and terrestrial biodiversity, accessible only by sea. It is a paradise for diving for this place which welcomes flora and fauna. sometimes extremely rare species. Spectacular.






Opening onto the Gulf of Porto, like the Scandola reserve, the “Calanques de Piana” are a very small mountain range overlooking the sea 400 meters. But they still remain incredibly majestic. They offer jagged pink stone peaks with magnificent crystal clear turquoise waters. Inaccessible by car, the Piana rocky inlets are discovered along a steep walk, in the middle of unspoiled nature. A timeless and majestic panorama, such are the creeks of Piana.


Capo Rosso, a World Heritage site. Or how to gaze at a thousand beauties in the same time. The hike takes us to the summit at an altitude of 331 m where the Turghiu tower is located. From the top of the tower, you can enjoy an exceptional view of the Gulf of Porto, the Scandola reserve, Girolata and south towards Cargèse. Simply sumptuous.


We end up west by the unavoidable Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, but also the most populous city on the island. The city is renowned for its mild climate, its gulf, its welcoming atmosphere … but also for its most famous child: Napoleon! You can still admire his birthplace and visit the extraordinary Fesch Museum, whose name belongs to the Emperor’s uncle who founded the prestigious establishment. We will enjoy walking in the orange alleys, but we will also appreciate turning red and taking the boat to the famous sanguinary islands. The opportunity to wear a red swimsuit to be in harmony with the place…








We are now entering the land: lovers of the seaside, don’t worry .. Your desire for vitalizing swimming will still be satisfied. Yep, even in the open land you need your swimwear… Head for the Asco gorges, where you will dive under this bridge steeped in history. We are already projecting ourselves in a bottle green swimsuit like those of Banana Moon to harmonize with the waters… We will then go for a walk in the village for cheese, honey or fresh lemon juice, and at the upper Asco to meet the G20 hikers!




Then direction Corte, 45 minutes by car from the Asco Gorges. To those who still doubted it, Corsica is indeed a mountainous island… Built in the hollow of a beautiful natural amphitheater, Corte surprises with its narrow citadel perched on its rocky peak. Corte is also the historic and cultural capital of Corsica. Right in the center of the island and nestled in the hollow of the mountains, equidistant from Ajaccio and Bastia, Corte is in many ways the sentinel of the Corsican soul. Formerly the capital of Corsica during its independence, the city is still today considered as such. The city, which hosts the only University of Corsica, has a superb cultural heritage: a raw and authentic character that does not need a filter to seduce all those who pass through its lands. You will find colorful façades, clotheslines hanging from the windows, and picturesque alleys. You will also taste delicious biscuits from the shepherds of Corsica, with almonds, anise or lemon: the canistrelli. The charm of Corte is undeniable. Do you still want to feel the cool water on your skin? Direction Restonica Gorges 5 minutes away…


The Restonica Gorges offer a spectacular spectacle with its cliffs and its deep valley at the bottom of which flows the torrent …you can then reach the superb lakes of Melo and Capitello on foot. Or you prefer the English waterfall





Still inland, we go down. Direction Quenza, where two marvels are located: The Purcaraccia waterfalls, its sublime natural pools and the needles of Bavella. The waterfalls are a superb natural site, which can be followed on foot for 2 kilometers. The eponymous stream descends from the mountains at the mercy of small waterfalls and natural pools with crystal clear waters. A great place to stroll, picnic or relax. The needles of Bavella constitute one of the emblematic landscapes of the island of beauty. The large rock wall with a jagged ridge overlooks a huge fragrant pine forest. Corsica is undoubtedly sumptuously wild.


You are now viewing the magnificent settings of your future getaway. The most beautiful treasures of Corsica are no longer unknown to you, even if obviouslyIn Corsica tuttu hè bellu” around here. In our opinion, the island deserves to be visited several times in order to fully enjoy each of its wonders. Ôdabaïa likes things that are both full of character and exceptional, and this is the case with our beautiful French island. Paradise for lovers of the sea and the outdoors, but also hikers, no one can resist its charm. Between its typical villages more beautiful than each other, its cultural heritage & its beaches among the most beautiful in the world, it is impossible not to fall in love. So, andemu? (let’s go)
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