Ôdabaïa and Vilebrequin’s swimsuits : an encounter between elegance and French chic

Today, we are going to talk about authenticity and elegance … Two words who perfectly resume the essence of the swimsuit brand Vilebrequin.
Someone among Ôdabaïa told us you completely fell for their collection… It’s ok, you can tell us, it will be our little secret !


From New-York to Beverly Hills, from Paris to Saint-Bart’ or from Cervo to Rome, Vilebrequin wears its spirit and colors all around the world. As it seduced us back at Ôdabaïa, we decided it was time to tell you more about this brand and their unique and sophisticated swimsuits.


Do you do you Saint-Tropez ?


For a better understanding of Vilebrequin, we must go back to the 70s, under the warm sun of Saint-Tropez. And we can’t think of a better way to cool down than enjoying a cold glass of rosé at the terrace of the famous Café Sénéquier. Are you there yet?
The bathing suits Moorea was imagined in the center of this incredible place in 1971 by Fred Prysquel, founder of Vilebrequin, a very bold and audacious men.

Being a journalist, an adventurer and a car lover, the founder began his adventure with the numerous textile he collected from his travels around the world. With a lot of prints and bright colors, the different textiles often came from Africa.


Cheered by Brigitte Bardot smile, everything goes really fast for Fred Prysquel : his design are appreciated and he opens his first boutique in the city of Saint-Tropez. Fun fact : The brand’s name comes from the passion of the founder for all cars. Actually, “Vilebrequin” is the French name of a piece coming from an internal combustion motor. Very original, isn’t it?


Sea, sun and love


Vilebrequin is the reflection of Saint-Tropez glamour in the 70s. Forty years later, the brand stay faithful to its origins : sea, holidays and happiness.

Thanks to the wide variety of prints, the brand brings adds a smell of travels to each of its collections. Originality, refinement and authenticity are present for your greatest pleasure (and ours too, we are not going to lie !) From classics to original pieces, the swimsuits Vilebrequin are synonym of French chic.

Among Ôdabaïa, we only want what’s best for you, that is why we selected a brand who share those valor through their collections. Vilebrequin’s swimsuits adapt themselves to your wishes and morphology (and not the other way around).


Why do we like Vilebrequin so much ?


Vilebrequin pays attention to every little detail and all the collections of swimsuits are a pledge of quality. Besides, the swimsuits from the brand Vilebrequin are equipped with the technology “Fast Dry”, which allows them to dry three time faster than any other material. Not bad if you plan on wearing your cute high-waist short with a one-piece swimsuit without having a wet bottom.


On top of fashion and new trends, Vilebrequin regularly collaborate with renown artists to create exclusives collections. The collabs from 2017 with street-artist Alex Israel or the King of fashion Karl Lagerfeld did convince us. We can’t talk for you, but we are excited to see what they have in mind for 2018…

Ôdabaïa <3 Vilebrequin


A mix between freedom and elegance, a place where Women are magnified … A luxurious brand and a travel invitation…
Glamour and lifestyle “à la Tropézienne” (from Saint-Tropez), we don’t need anything else !


  1. Silex fishes bikini top, Vilebrequin 2. One piece sculpting, Vilibrequin 3. Shapewear Solid water cut Bikini, Vilebrequin
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