Pain de Sucre, with a « S » for Success

At Ôdabaïa, our little finger tells us this brand is dear to your hearts… isn’t it?

What about we finally discuss about it today? Maybe will you learn more about Pain de Sucre; who knows?


Even if the name leads us to think about the beaches in Rio or Halong Bay, the brand is very French !

If we had to describe it, we would say it is the symbol of French elegance who redefine classics to emphasize all the sensuality. And the magic happens : we get collections composed of refined and sensual swimsuits and beach wear.


But who is behind all that ?


Christian Keusseyan and Bernard Evans ! At the beginning, the parents, artisanal tailors for gentlemen, reinvent themselves during the seventy’s and create a brand of ready-to-wear in the South of France. Their heritage strong in their veins, the young men found their passion within fashion and clothes. It is in 1985 they decide together to start Pain de Sucre. Their ambitious concept? A line of swimsuits “to wear and be seen”, in the city as in the countryside, elegant and comfortable.


There was nothing like it at the time, and the success was immediate.


The ambition of two men to serve women


Europe, Caribbean’s islands and even Australia, Pain de Sucre totalize a network of more than 25 boutiques and 600 distributors. When you look back to the 80’s and there were only 4 of them …

Having conquered parts of the world, the French brand born in Marseille change cap for the USA, first market for swimsuits in the world, starting with Miami ! Florida, the sea … the destination was obvious !


Pain de Sucre unveil the nectar of femininity thanks to models with a touch of wildness. More than a simple swimsuit, the brand presents true accessories, real jewels who quickly become our best allies during summer.


The last collection comes directly from Namibia (We told you about the touches of wildness earlier). The omnipresent sensuality will liberate the part hidden within each and every one of us. Pain de Sucre makes us resonate and exploit our deepest dream for travel, and we enjoy it


Since then, the brand hasn’t stopped itself to the only swimsuits as a lingerie line and a ready-to-wear line came to the world under the name “Suggest by Pain de Sucre”. The new concept, without the usual originality or evasion it usually presents, is speaking for itself.


Elegance, femininity and glamour


Here stands the essence of the brand with sensual creations, assembled with the care of “Haute Couture”.


Pain de Sucre is an invitation to travel far behind the frontiers. An invitation to affirm ourselves and unleash our “femme fatale”, exotic and sensual.


One or two pieces, sober notes or darker ones, vivid colors, colorful prints, high waist : No matter your morphology or tastes, there is a model for you.

Beyond the articles, Pain de Sucre offers real advices and support. We encourage you to check their website for the size guide and see how they rightfully acknowledge the fact it isn’t “a swimsuit for women” but “a swimsuit for every woman” that is important.

Because we are all different by taste, our little flaws and bigger qualities and we love to receive advice and be listen to. What a joy to wear a peace and feel like it was meant to be ! We are sure you feel the same 🙂

Ôdabaïa <3 Pain de Sucre


Born in the “phocéenne” city, Marseille, the brand seduced us instantly at Ôdabaïa. Make every women as sublime as she feels, transform every piece in an ornament, here lies the strength of Pain de Sucre, and that is as much we needed to be convince. And you?

1. Laudy Bikini top, Pain de Sucre 2. SeLoua Bikini bottom, Pain de Sucre 3. Bonnie Swimsuit, Pain de Sucre 4. Juna Dress, Pain de Sucre

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