Seafolly, creator of unforgettable summer

A few weeks ago, we were telling you about Sydney, its wonderful natural bay and dream beaches. Do you remember? Once again today, we are going to travel… Cap on Australia to talk to you about a brand we particularly like at Ôdabaïa : Seafolly.


If we had to describe it, we would say it’s the symbol of an Australian summer… Colorful patterns, trendy swimsuits or retro… You will find real treasures who will make your head spin under the sun.


Welcome to Seafolly. Welcome to Summer.

Now we gave out some details, we are sure you are dying to know more, aren’t you ?! At Ôdabaïa we aim to please you, so we will tell you the story of this brand with marvelous pieces.


Created in 1975 by Peter and Yvonne Halas, the brand, previously known as “Peters Folly”, then re-baptized in 1979 with the sweet name of “Seafolly”, was born on Australian’s beaches. Today, Seafolly is one of the most renown brand in the world. As of today, the swimsuit brand has 25 concept stores all around Australia, USA and Singapore, and it sells in over 41 countries.


In 1998, Anthony Halas, son of the creators, took over the family business and continued to proudly wear the core valor of the brand. To be passionate, positive, free to shine …  And most of all, a promise of quality. Valor which we agree with at Ôdabaïa.


Beyond bikinis collections, Seafolly also create trendy fitness clothing. Bralet, leggings, tops or jackets, the brand accompany you during your every break. Imagine a run at sunrise on the beach, looking over the horizon as the sun rise… Then you dive into a turquoise ocean to cool down a bit ! What else ?


Feels a lot like vacations…

Seafolly is an invite to travel into the full Australian summer and an invite to live this experience while showing off our most glamorous bodies. The brand offers the comfort of chic sportswear combine with bright colors. To wear a Seafolly swimsuits feels a little like tanning on the beach of Byron Bay. The destination is obvious !


Australian lifestyle, at the beach obviously, inspire the brand and its collections. Rich in creativity, seductive or elegant, Seafolly collections are the creators of unforgettable summers. To wear a marvelous Seafolly piece, you will become the Captain of your vacations. A very successful summer full of promises…


Seafolly’s leitmotiv : Share the spirit of Australian summer while empowering women. And for now, we can say they are quite successful 😉


Ôdabaïa <3 Seafolly

An infinity of blue sky, warm golden sand, welcoming waves … Is there a better place in the world than Australia beaches to imagine dreamy swimsuits collections ?


The sublime pieces make you travel instantly in Australia, we didn’t need anything more at Ôdabaïa, what about you ?

  1. Active Swim Bikini Top, SEAFOLLY 2. Bustier Top Black Flower – Ocean Rose, SEAFOLLY 3. Bikini Top Reversible back Indigo Blue, SEAFOLLY – Carribean Ink
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