Sporty and glamourous? Adopt sporty and chic swimwear in 2018

Excited with upcoming holidays, at Ôdabaïa we are preparing our program: chilling, cocktails and swimming. Oh yes, we love chilled out holidays! But sometimes, we like swimming in the sea. And for those moments, we adopt the sporty and chic swimsuit that doesn’t come off length after length in the swimming pool. Whether in a pool overlooking the sea or in the waves of the Basque Coast we only want the best. Are you an active woman too? This article will please you!

A sporty look

You guessed it, among the trends of summer 2018: the sporty and chic swimwear. It is popular on the beaches around the world and your favourite creators reinterpret it brilliantly. The sporty swimsuit is THE reference of 2018.


As you know, at Ôdabaïa we love out of ordinary swimsuits. But we love them a little less when they threaten to reveal a piece of breast every time you move, whether to take a dip like a mermaid or order a Caipirinha at the bar with your feet in the sand! So when we find out that the sporty swimsuit would be one of the trends of the summer we had stars in our eyes ??


The sports swimwear models boast elegance with touches of modernism and sensuality. Sport and fashion form a perfect marriage and allow designers to imagine swimsuits with sporty lines while highlighting your feminine assets.


Bras, tops and one-piece swimsuits adapt perfectly to the spirit of the active and dynamic woman. A true asset of seduction, the sporty and chic swimsuit will make you irresistible! Take two minutes and imagine yourself on a sandy beach sunbathing on a sunbed facing the sea… Are you there? Perfect, now feel the sun on your golden skin, it’s getting warmer and you dreaming about going for a quiet swim and play beach racket games with your BFF at the water’s edge. Would you not feel comfortable and sexy in a classy and sporty swimsuit?! You have the answer…

Look great all summer

The time of unsightly sports swimsuits that don’t exactly show off your best assets is officially over! This summer, it’s time to welcome deep necklines and designs that just make you feel great.


Shaped for sport (but just as good for sunbathing on the beach), these swimsuits will accompany your dynamic movements whether you opt for an afternoon paddle or a crawl session in the pool. Also, these bikinis can alternate between sea and pool water thanks to their material.

Seafolly’s favourites

At Ôdabaïa, you’re starting to get to know us and you know that we have a soft spot for the Australian brand Seafolly. For the 2018 season, the brand offers many models of sporty and chic swimsuits including its simple and effective “Active Swim” collection, ideal for playing beach volleyball. Also, Seafolly has models with sports shapes in its other collections and trendy swimsuits that will sublimate your body.

  1. Swimsuit black – Active, SEAFOLLY 2. Fitness crop top – Palm Beach, SEAFOLLY

The sculpting pieces

Among our favourites: sculpting one-piece swimsuits. They are perfect to highlight your shape while having a chic look! Pain de Sucre and Vilebrequin offer us this year models that will not leave you indifferent …

sporty and chic swimwear

  1. Swimsuit – Bonnie, PAIN DE SUCRE 5. Swimsuit – Coquelicot, VILEBREQUIN

Sea, surf and sun

Do you dream of surfing all summer on the Atlantic Coast with style? Adopt reversible one-piece swimsuits Maaji! Quite simply, these two swimsuits with nautical influences will be your best allies in the waves. The one-piece Solano Bay long sleeve unveils your back with its sexy opening and one-piece model Amaranth Mulatta gently reveals your chest with the zipper at the front. In both cases, all the handsome surfers on the beach will only have eyes for you. The hardest thing will be to choose!

sporty and chic swimwear

Are you convinced and ready to have all eyes on you this summer? The sporty and chic swimwear is a must in your suitcase for the holidays! So what are you waiting for?! Go find your ideal swimsuit!

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