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2021 has rang! It’s time to clear the horizon and focus on everything that makes us feel good, right? Sunshine, escape, pretty things and girl moments! Come on, Odabaïa will take you away! Come and discover the exclusive interview of the Calarena team. 


On the program: backstage of a luxury swimwear brand, a journey on the island of beauty but also women’s stories! Women who want to make others beautiful. So do you need morpho advice or inspiration? Don’t wait any longer to enter this privileged circle where, who knows? you might find the inspiration for the perfect bikini!

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Calarena, the backstage of a luxury house

What are the origins of the Calarena brand? 

“Calarena is above all a Corsican identity, it is a swimwear brand inspired by the sea and impregnated with the life at the water’s edge in Porto-Vecchio. Its name is also inspired by it. Cala, meaning cove and rena, sand. Launched in 2004, Calarena is a true concept, an art of living inseparable from a chic summer by the water through a complete wardrobe spirit to live every moment “vacation” deliciously, and intended for all women”.

Who is behind these luxurious bikinis?

“It’s above all a family story, the designers are sisters. But generally speaking, the family spirit, authenticity and attachment to know-how and quality remain Calarena’s core values. Everything is first thought out in an office located in Porto-Vecchio where all the facets of a brand meet, then each swimsuit is made in a family workshop in Italy with whom we maintain a strong bond since the origins of the house”.

What are the particularities of these top-of-the-range swimsuits? 

“The collections are thought out in the heart of the studio, by our artistic director Sandrine Piergigli, one of the designers of the house, and are co-signed by her sister Marie-Luce de Rocca Serra! They are both assisted by a stylist (also Corsican) Julie Cesari. Concerning the materials, we obviously have our emblematic “second skin” material which sublimates and hugs the body. We give a very strong importance to quality, to the “hand made”, our Italian workshop is a workshop that works “old school”, so to speak. The “made in” is also a point that we emphasize, all our materials and accessories come from Italy or France. We are on a 100% European quality”. 

For whom are these pieces intended?

“The creations are intended for all women in search of elegance, comfort and lightness. Our promise remains to accompany them during their most beautiful moments in the sun.” 

The art of swimwear for quality advice!

How to choose your luxury swimsuit? 

“A luxury swimsuit is above all a swimsuit that suits us, in terms of shapes and materials. Then, we think that the work upstream, the history of the house which creates it, its values and its attachment to quality and know-how constitute the luxury of a swimsuit just like its image and its DNA”.

Which swimsuit when you have a belly ? 

“A superb One Piece swimsuit made of “good lycra” that sculpts and shapes the silhouette without sheathing it too much and especially as we know how to do it, with invisible seams. And if you prefer the Two Pieces, you will prefer the high waist panties which come to mark and sublimate your waist, and in darker colors for a trompe-l’oeil effect, on this subject we have developed several “false blacks”.”

Which swimsuit for small breasts? 

“Small breasts are very easy to sublimate. We recommend triangular swimsuit tops, like our Francesca model or the Corcovado, which you can have fun pleating for a volume + effect, or bandeau models like the Gina, since the support is not necessary. Bikinis with balconette and push up are perfect too, but we don’t make them at Calarena! As far as One Piece swimwear is concerned, we recommend without hesitation the indented models for a sublimated cleavage. Our Laura model will be perfect and an emblematic of the house loved by our customers”.

What will be the trendy swimsuit 2021 ? 

“Creations with sporty and dynamic cuts. Sport remains the trend of the moment, a comfortable swimsuit with energetic and sometimes even daring lines. Our SPORT-CHIC theme this season is the ideal translation of this.”

Any advice to be without complex in swimsuits this summer? 

“First and foremost, it’s about wearing a bikini with a fit that suits you. You have to know your body and make your choices based on what you are and not what you want to be. Then, if we had to give you an advice to feel better in your body, it is obviously to take care of it, a healthy life, a good diet, sport and avoid sugar”.

100% Corsican inspirations !

Music, artists, readings to escape to Corsica? 

“A multitude of things inspire us, music, architecture, nature… But if we had to concentrate on a few 100% Corsican tips, we can then talk about the following musics : Mi ne Vogu by Vitalba, or for dancing, Quand’è tu balli by Feli or Catalinetta by Petru Guelfucci. And to read, we recommend « Elle a menti pour les ailes » by our extraordinary compatriot Francesca Serra. Above all, we are lucky to live on the “Island of Beauty”, and it is her and her beaches that are our main source of inspiration…”.

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