Women’s swimwear : from Brazilian inspiration to French design !

Are you looking for inspiration for a women’s swimwear?


We have the solution! Even if the Rio carnival will not take place this year, there’s no reason to deprive yourself of the wonders of Brazil! Every February, they cross borders to blow colours into our hearts… So let’s take the opportunity to brighten up our wardrobe with pieces and philosophy inspired from elsewhere!


Take off immediately to discover the Brazilian universe. But beware, we’re not going that far. The Tatiane de Freitas team is in Lyon! Isaure, in charge of communication, and Tatiane, founder, tell us a little more about their brand of swimwear and its origins!

Femme portant un maillot de bain jaune, un haut bandeau et un culotte aux détails tressés

Dive into a solar universe, that of Tatiane de Freitas!


Isaure – “First of all, the brand was created 6 years ago by Tatiane Gomes. Sparkling, warm and open to the world, sensitive to details and people, Tatiane de Freitas is a reflection of her origins and her career path”.


Tatiane – “Indeed, I am a native of São Paulo, the cultural capital of Brazil. There I was accompanied on a daily basis by the memories of a childhood imbued with the optimism and exuberance of a Brazil bursting with light and colour! Lulled by the caress of summer rains and tropical waterfalls. The rhythm of the Samba batuques and the softness of the Bossa Nova …


When I arrived in France, my choice naturally turned towards women’s swimming costumes, this emblematic piece of Brazilian culture from my childhood, which has become for me this little talisman! My travel companion to destinations between sea and fine sand”.


Isaure –Tatiane de Freitas offers us a very feminine invitation to the pleasure of fabric on the skin, sublimating the body in its simplest expression. A journey between two coasts, in her own image, in a harmony between luxury and discretion, and to make this accessory an asset to feel fulfilled, in resonance”.


Isaure – “Since its creation, our women’s swimwear brand has lived and developed with a small team (3 employees) directly in our showroom in Lyon. We are a small brand but with big ambitions. Our wish is to be close to our customers. That a member of the team responds directly to their needs and that we can provide them with the most personalised and tailor-made advice possible”.

Enjoy the fusion of two cultures for a unique women’s swimwear!


Tatiane – “First of all, all our pieces represent the crossover between French chic and the science of Brazil’s assumed curve! We pay particular attention to the elaboration of our creations. We are constantly thinking about creating cuts that enhance the silhouette and provide support and shape for both the tops and bottoms of our swimwear.”


Isaure – “We also favour more comfortable crotches, higher cut-outs to lengthen legs, highlighting volume. For tops, we favour perfect support so that each breast is at its best. We work to offer a women’s swimwear that makes body movements as pleasant as possible. All our models are limited editions, which makes the brand confidential and our swimming costumes a little more unique”.

Maillot de bain 1 pièce haut de gamme couleur kaki, à bretelle et au décolleté plongeant à l'avant comme à l'arrière. Il est porté par une femme souriante


Isaure – “To begin with: Tatiane, designs all the models of the two collections we release each year. Moreover, in order to offer a high quality finished product, in the respect of the human values of our brand, we have chosen to surround ourselves in part with the expertise and know-how of Lyon in terms of lingerie and weaving. We wish to enhance the know-how of the textile trades because they are a guarantee of quality and creativity. Moreover, we favour a close collaboration with our seamstresses in our workshop (in Europe)”.


Tatiane – “Finally, we collaborate with suppliers in the Lyon region (jacquard, accessories, shipping boxes, labels, thread…) as well as with European suppliers. We consume our materials in a reasoned and reasonable way, they are all Oeko-tex certified. All of our swimwear collections are produced in limited editions to limit excess and waste. We share all these values with our employees, suppliers and customers for a better world, attentive to people and the environment”.

Adopt the Brazilian philosophy for 0 complex !

Bikini fabriqué en Europe de Tatiane de Freitas avec imprimé doux et naturel et haut avec armature pour un soutien parfait


Tatiane – “First of all, in Brazil women are nicer to themselves. They are less demanding and there is less judgement! It’s a mentality, a culture! People are at the beach with the body they have. They wear what they want.


Then if a person likes a certain shape of swimming costume, they will allow themselves to wear it. That’s why I believe that wearing a bikini is very much a matter of state of mind! With Tatiane it’s “get undressed and let’s go!”. It’s almost a therapy !


To finish I would say that often a woman doesn’t like her legs, a mark… But marks are the experience of a lifetime. You have to be proud of it, accept things, be indulgent ! Indeed, if we are not embarrassed, the look of the other is not embarrassing. For me, women’s swimwear is much more about this mentality, this state of mind.”


Tatiane – “It must be said that the rules of morphology, of body… I don’t believe in that! Each body is so unique. I don’t like to say “ah the triangle bikini goes for everyone but the 1-piece bathing suit, you have to be like this, like that…”. To be comfortable in your swimming costume, you have to be comfortable in your head! When you feel good, you dare to make your choices. And we make them! You have to allow yourself and find your own rule!


On the other hand I believe a lot in colours. It’s also cultural in my country, each colour has its own energy. We have to find our own, the one that suits us and makes us feel good!”


Red swimwear, yellow bikini, or black, it’s up to you to find the colour that makes you vibrate!

Turn it up and share: That’s the energy of Brazil too!


Tatiane – “Oh, I’ve got plenty! For example, I love music. I love dancing, singing! In fact, music accompanies me in creation, in moments when I need energy, to celebrate something and even when I’m sad.


First of all, I would recommend a singer that I really like at the moment! It’s Silva and her song A Cor É Rosa. There’s also an emblematic carnival band that all my French friends also love. Indeed, it gives a lot of energy, the good batucada: it’s Monobloco. There are so many of them… Like for example a more classical singer: Maria Bethânia !”

To conclude, like Brazilian fashion, the Tatiane de Freitas brand shows generosity, openness, warmth and responsibility!


Your swimwear site will see the reflection of its beginnings. Imagined in Brazil, on the Bahia beach (which inspired its name: Ode to Bahia) it is invented to share, to make you travel… But above all to offer you the possibility to celebrate your own beauty, to impose your singular style!


Finally, this optimistic philosophy inspires us to prepare the summer with energy! This is undoubtedly the effect of the Brazilian therapy !

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