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An Ode to the Sea
Designer swimwear, accessories and more treasures are the must-have for your dreamy holidays. Ôdabaïa consists of original bikinis creations with exclusive design to wear with passion. We believe all women are unique, and should find happiness and satisfaction, a delightful feeling, by recognizing her style to our proposed models. Ôdabaïa has selected a full wave of brands to offer you the best of their creations. Know more... Read More

Wanted To get away...

Ôdabaïa is more than a simple swimsuit and accessories outlet; it is a cool breeze of liberty, a traveler's ode, a romantic getaway to the sea. This is a mindset to acknowledge that everything is possible and nothing can be restricted. You have the full rights, even to be undecided and whimsical.

A Touch of Delicacy

Every woman expects the perfect match to her personality while keeping the uniqueness of her style. Your wish has given birth to Ôdabaïa, an inspiration taken from your uniqueness and exceptional beauty.

Dare the maillot Discover our treasures

Swimwear Trends 2018: Our favorites

5 déc
Such a delicious smell comes from the roasted chestnuts in the air: but none of that fascinates you, right? We know that you are very excited about something else! And good news, dear reader(s) of our sweet blog: swimsuit trends summer 2018 have...
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Flashy colour trends to highlight your holidays !

31 oct
Today, Odabaia is taking risks ! Well, the following article features a trend that cannot please everyone... The flashy colours. Here is the trend ! You could not have missed it, since 2012, the flashy one-piece swimsuit has met the top of the...
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