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A touch of grace...

The guipure is a way to work the fabric as a lace… This is the challenge made by the beach tunic Hestia, a flowy dress, playing with clearance and contrast. With the ¾ sleeves, the short cut, and round neckline the swimsuit cover-up Hestia in guipure lace shows its boldness and add a wide band of fringes for more fluidity given to your silhouette.

The ecru shade of the dress highlights the tanned skin, and the colourful swimsuits for a perfect mix and match.

The tunic is made in 100% cotton, for a natural and light summer dress.

Pain de Sucre is the ambassador of the elegance and sensuality since 1983. This collection inspired by the howling desert tone of Namibia, offers swimsuits and summer beach dresses featuring the jewelleries, underwear and the ready-made clothing universes.

The breezy dress reveals you… by unveiling you ! A glam contrast allowed by the guipure cotton lace. Easy-to-wear in your swimsuit, to illuminate your tanned skin.

Wash the beach dress with care in a delicate cycle with cold water.

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Tunic Guipure Hestia PAIN DE SUCRE Ecru - Guipure

95,00 €

Dare the delicacy and the clearance of the guipure lace fabric with Hestia, an ecru swimsuit cover-up. ... +
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