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Customer Manager

Odabaïa is above all a story of encounters, that is why this position is rich in diversities.

Whether it manifests itself in the form of a telephone call, mail or even chat, customer service is a big challenge at Ôdabaïa!

You will be in close contact with our suppliers in order to regularly update the product sheets.

And because our passion has no borders, our interlocutors come from the 4 corners of the world: the mastery of English is therefore a plus, of course.

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Web Designer

One of the essential engines of this brand, the dynamic in which it evolves: creativity!

Creativity, strength of proposal or curiosity will be your best assets.

Experience in high-end fashion and / or lifestyle is a significant advantage, as is knowledge of the Prestashop e-commerce software!

The mastery of an everyday English remains, once again, indispensable!

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