From boldness born the elegance

If the standard woman does not exist, it is because you are all unique ...

Bold, elegant, insolent, innocent, mysterious, dreamy or even a bit mischievous: we wish to address this woman. The one who dares, assumes and claims; The one who dares to affirm her tastes, the one who assumes her choices, the one who claims her personality. You are all looking for something that resembles you and differentiates you.

It was from this will that Odabaia was born. The uniqueness conceals in each and every women and their exceptional potential has inspired the real essence of our brand.

A beautiful inspiration

Swimwear, accessories, dresses and beachwear chosen with taste and other assets essential to your dream vacation, Ôdabaïa is full of original models with unique designs, to wear with passion. So that each one finds its happiness there and because the satisfaction is an exquisite feeling, each one of you can recognize itself through the proposed models.

Ôdabaïa works with leading brands from France and the whole world, caring for offering you only their finest creations. Intriguing, sensitive and demanding, our main purpose is to reveal the best in you. Intriguing by our audacity, for you have the right to be the one you desire. Sensitive by our desire to surprise you, because you must admit: you never have enough! And finally, demanding by the attention that we lend to the smallest details, because apart from the unexpected of a beautiful encounter, nothing should be left to have chance. Odabaïa relies on the perfection, thanks to products resulting from a constantly renewed creativity.

Then, to you, the independent and passionate woman who assumes and crunches life to the full, Odabaïa invites you to be special by taking part in a real mind blowing experience.

It is a breath of freedom, an ode to travel, a romantic getaway to the beach. Ôdabaïa is a state of mind that everything is possible and nothing is outlawed. You have all rights including that of being undecided and capricious.

Since we do not always know what we want, but we often have a clear idea of ​​what we do not want, and because the search for perfection and spontaneity are not incompatible, each of our models reflect the woman you are: a woman with multiple facets and varied sensitivity.

Between you and us it's a beautiful story, and it's just the beginning...

Speaking of history, if we talked a little about ours?

Beyond a dream, an evidence

Behind Ôdabaïa hide two strong personalities, two characters but also strong ties and unlimited love for pretty things.

Imagining yourself in front of your screen, at this very moment, reading these few lines is full of happiness! As vertiginous as it is stimulating, the desire for entrepreneurship animates us and we must confess that the creation of Odabaia was, for us, the concretization of a dream.

Thinking about it a bit, the cards that allow us to embark on this extraordinary adventure that Ôdabaïa have been in our hands for quite a while.

Like many beautiful stories, that of Odabaia begins with an exotic journey. In 2014, we fly to Brazil. The landscape, population, smells and its colors, we fall under the spell of this country of multiple contrasts. At the end of this tour, we discover the beach of Itapūa in the region of Bahia: an authentic oasis, this dreamy place blended perfectly an evident sensuality and charm in the wild that we could not resist.

It was this last journey, in the company of Juliette and Lou, the two daughters of David, who put an end to this indomitable desire to embark on our own adventure with exotic inspirations.

On Cecile's side, the cards enabling her to embark on this extraordinary adventure that Ôdabaïa is in her hands since she was very small. It may sound a bit cliché, but this dream that we are realizing is also due to our parents.

For it is enough to put images on her memories of childhood to fill then a box of stoles, materials and textures but also destinations throughout the world full of discoveries and wonders. Cecile still remembers her Sunday mornings, childhood, when just awakened, she slipped on her mother's stilettos and went through the fashion magazines at her side. An evidence…

Together, we had the chance to travel around the globe and, today, surrounded by a magnificent team, it is with you that we wish to share this passion.

Now you will be able to understand, where the desire comes from ...

No matter what the destination is, it is the journey that counts. Ôdabaïa is born from our experience, from our life, this brand is inspired by our tastes, evolves according to the trends but it is to you that it is addressed. Treasures come from the all 4 corners of the world, just for you, whatever the season is. It is a nod to audacity and femininity, an ode to the modern woman, a desire elsewhere deposited delicately in your mind ...

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