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Complete the look with our delicious bottoms

Even the shyest women will love the bikini thong Alala ! Why? Thanks to the large Boho frills covering lightly your curves and hips.

Red, it adds an exotic note of Flamenco dancers, or oriental belly dancers.

The swimsuit’s fabric is made of 71% de polyester et 29% elastane a soft, comfortable and resilient alloy.

Pain de Sucre is the ambassador of the elegance and sensuality since 1983. This collection inspired by the howling desert tone of Namibia, offers swimsuits and summer beach dresses featuring the jewelleries, underwear and the ready-made clothing universes.

Lightly cheeky the bikini bottom twists and spices your summer look. Mix it with a colourful or solid swimsuit top to be stunning in the seashore. Fully lined, it allows all beach activities.

Hand wash your bathing suit with care, or you can also use a delicate cycle with cold water. Spread your suit flat to dry in order to preserve its original shape and prevent fading

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PAIN DE SUCRE, Bikini Bottom with Large frills, Red - Alala

70,00 €


Alala: A cheeky thong cut for a bikini bottom embellished by some large frills « Ola ! » ... +

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